(Diğer önemli bilgi kaynakları)

  • BAuA - Einfaches Maßnahmenkonzept Gefahrstoffe
  • Global Harmonization System (GHS, 2005 version) and its implementation
  • GTZ - Pilot Project Chemical Safety, a related PowerPoint presentation and the GTZ Chemical Management Guide
  • HSE's COSHH essentials
  • IOHA - the International Occupational Hygiene Association and its pages on Control Banding
  • IPCS - the International Porgramme on Chemical Safety
  • NIOSH Safety and Health Topic: Control Banding
  • Nanotechnology and Occupational Health
  • Pilot Projects on Control Banding
  • R-phrases in the European Commission Directive 2001/59/EC (6 August 2001)
  • Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals (REACH)
  • Report on International Workshop on Sustainable Chemistry - Integrated Management of Chemicals, Products and Processes
  • Work Improvement in Neighborhood Development (WIND)
  • Work Improvement in Small Enterprises (WISE)
ISBN: 978-605-9665-24-7