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Tuesday, 18 June 2013 15:27


The Ministry of “Health” launched an “URGENT” investigation/inquiry targeting the İstanbul Chamber of Medicine.

In its official writing, the Ministry coins Gezi Park actions as “illegal”, people injured as a result of police violence as “persons injured in illegal actions” and urgent medical intervention as well as organizing environments and volunteers for such interventions as “crime”.

The Ministry then goes on asking the organizers of volunteer health services “why they didn’t take permission” for such interventions, together with the names and records of health volunteers and patients who were given care.

The Ministry also wants to know the “justification” and “basis” of medical reports issued for persons who were injured and suffered adverse health conditions as a result of police violence.

We want to share with our people that as physicians:

“We solemnly pledge to consecrate our lives to the service of humanity,

The health of our patients will be our first consideration,

We shall respect the secrets that are confided in us even after the death of our patients,

Our colleagues will be our sisters and brothers,

We shall not permit considerations of creed, nation, ethnicity, party politics or social standing to intervene between our duty and our patients,

We make these promises solemnly, freely and upon our honour”

(Declaration of Geneva- Professional Oath, 1948)

We remind these to the esteemed “Minister of Health”

Turkish Medical Association Central Council



Inspection Services



13 June 2013

Within the framework investigation carried out under the order no. 2013-01-071/2256, dated 10 June 2013 by Ministry of Health, Department of Inspection Services;

There are news in the national media concerning the establishment of “volunteer infirmaries” to extend medical care to persons injured during illegal demonstrations in Taksim Gezi Park that started in June 2013 and still continuing.

News and statements in the website of Istanbul Chamber of Medicines include various information and statistical data concerning medical care given to persons injured in illegal demonstrations in some spaces called as “infirmaries” operated “on the basis of volunteer participation.”

Given this information and in-situ observations by İstanbul Provincial Directorate of Health:

  1. Why didn’t you ask the permission of the Ministry of Health for medical intervention and “volunteer infirmary” operations that your Chamber is coordinating in Taksim Gezi Park?
  2. While medical teams and ambulances of the Ministry are present in the Taksim square since the beginning of demonstrations why did you feel the need of mobilizing additional teams?
  3. Who assumed duty in volunteer infirmaries? What were their duties, authority and titles? How did you check whether these persons are authorized and professionally competent to deliver medical care?
  4. What kind of medical records are kept by these “health volunteers” intervening to cases of sickness and injury and what is the legal basis of these records?  There is mention of “Judicial Case Preliminary Assessment and Documentation” in your website. What is the legal basis of such actions?
  5. Was there any surgical operation in injuries and other problems? Is there any medical report of such intervention if there was?
  6. How many persons were examined and treated in volunteer infirmaries? Were medical records of these persons kept? Is there a list of patients and is this list shared with the Ministry of Health?

We urgently request answers to these questions with relevant supporting documents

B. İzzet Taşçı
Chief Inspector
Ministry of Health



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